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Meet Craig,


Craig Sklar is a Professional Numismatist and Precious Metals Dealer based in North Jersey. He is local to Bergen County and a graduate of the University of Miami. In 1980, he established The Ridgewood Coin & Stamp Gallery at it's current location on Chestnut Street in Ridgewood. Craig is a recognized member of the American Numismatic Association, NGC and CAC. He was a coin columnist for The Ridgewood News for 15 years. In addition to running Ridgewood Coin, Craig is also the Senior Lieutenant of the Upper Saddle River Fire Department.


Meet The Team


Isabella Lear

Isabella is an appraiser and  has a B.A. in Anthropology from Hunter College and is an accredited Diamond Specialist trained by G.I.A. She is an expert in antique and vintage estate jewelry.


George Lear

George Lear is a trained numismatist with a background in Cyber Security and Secure Investments. In addition to Numismatics, George specializes in collectible trading cards and vintage gaming systems.  


Carrington Sklar

Carrington Sklar is a trained numismatist. He is the specialist in vintage guitars and other collectible musical instruments. 


"Ridgewood Coin is the best in New Jersey. Craig is a pleasure to deal with; he is very kind and makes the whole experience of purchasing gold/coins enjoyable. I’ve been to other coin shops in New Jersey to compare them, and no one has been as professional and helpful as Craig. I’ve only ever purchased from him, and if you are buying precious metals and/or coins from anywhere else, I highly recommend you make the switch to Ridgewood Coin. His prices are unbeatable, and it is clear he enjoys what he does as well. It is evident with other shops that their owners are only in it for the money, but that is not the case with Craig. I look forward to returning."

-Luca A.  Customer  (Google Review)

"This place is absolutely awesome!  Before I came here, I went to the mall to rid of my old jewelry and the guys offered me such a small  amount that I decided not to sell.  Then someone recommended Ridgewood Coin, the gentleman offered me 3x the amount the other places had offer me.  Will definitely be using this place again!"

-Vanessa A., Customer (Google Review)

"I've been buying and selling gold and silver coins here for years. I drive 45 minutes to get here because Craig pays the most. I've sold $20 coins and $5,000+ coins here. He knows the market and he's completely honest and totally transparent."

-Brian D., Customer (Google Review)

"I have been a satisfied customer for more than 20 years. This family run business is a pleasure to work with. Both as a buyer of gold coins and as a seller of multiple other collectibles, I have always been impressed with the easy and friendly way transactions are done. Honest and fair treatment has always been my experience. When dealing with all sorts of valuable items, the "trust" factor is most important. The folks at Ridgewood Coin are very knowledgeable and genuine. Every visit to the shop is an adventure and you never know what you'll find. The family is multi-generations of kind people who understand this specialized trade. I have recommended Ridgewood Coin to my family and friends for their important valuables. It's a pleasure to work with Ridgewood Coin." -Ron R., Customer (Yelp Review)

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